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The Australian Official Radio Service Manual (AORSM) is 14 volumes of circuit diagrams and technical information for almost all of the Australian made valve radios in the period between 1937 and 1955.  These were the only official source of service data at the time.  Understandably, these publications have become quite rare and collectable in their own right, but the information they contain can be invaluable to the vintage radio restorer.

Fortunately, members of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA) have made available the excellent product AORSM ON CD, a complete set of AORSM volumes scanned page for page along with software to browse, search, view and print any of the pages.

There is an issue in that the included software is Windows-only.  Fortunately, LinAORSM is here to help.  LinAORSM works with the AORSM ON CD to make available this vast wealth of information on the Linux platform.

LinAORSM is functionally identical to the original AORSM software with a few additions.  Users of the original software will find LinAORSM very familiar.  More information and a screenshot is available.

LinAORSM also has a Windows port available.  This makes it a reasonable alternative for Windows users who have problems running the original software.  More information is available, download the installer here.

NOTE: You must have a copy of the AORSM ON CD for this program to be of any use.  No radio information or data is included with the program.

LinAORSM is still in early development and any feedback in regards to bugs, comments and suggestions would be most welcome.  Please visit the forum, post a support request or contact the developer.

Many thanks to:

The AORSM ON CD production team -

Ray Pedri* - Technical Director and Sales Manager
Alex Koppen - Production Manager
Nigel Duff - Head of Programming
Support Staff - Frances Duff, Craig Bartlett, Tanya Mackie and Trish Stillitano

*Additional thanks to Ray for his kind support and assistance.

Contact: LinAORSM Developer Nick Metcalfe <valves at alphalink.com.au>

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